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Thursday, October 18, 2018


MyGovWatch Services

Know the Past, Present and Future of EVERY Government Contract

MyGovWatch is a website owned and operated by Net Gain Marketing.  It is the only information repository of its kind, fully dedicated to providing valuable information to users specifically about government debt collection purchasing activity. It provides:

  • Historical Information: Detailed information to include who won past contracts and why, who lost past contracts and why, what various companies offered in pricing submitted within their bids, the names of people on the evaluation committees from various government agencies, copies of winning proposals submitted by various firms, including references those companies used.

  • Current Opportunities: Which contracts are out for bid now by type of debt; provides hundreds of leads per year on a nationwide basis.
  • Future Opportunities: Which contracts are due for rebid in the next year; enables pre-selling of decision makers.

You Won't Be Able to Live Without It, Either!

Here's what 10 unique users of MyGovWatch have to say about the site.

  • Chief Operating Officer, Federal Government Contractor: “MyGovWatch is an incredible asset to any organization with an eye towards government collection opportunities. The amount of meaningful, and more importantly, actionable information at your fingertips is tremendous."
  • President, Regional Government Contractor: “MyGovWatch has proven to be the most effective tool we use in our sales effort. Many products can simply tell you what contracts are out for bid or will be out for bid. Only MyGovWatch provides the information that allows us to approach the bid process completely informed. The amount of information provided is unequaled by any other vendor in this field. I consider MyGovWatch to be the best value of any of the tools we use, not just in our sales division, but our entire list of vendors. In short, MyGovWatch gives users a distinct advantage over those who are operating without it.”
  • President, Federal, State & Local Government Contractor: "MyGovWatch is like having a government collections expert in your back pocket.”
  • Business Development, Nationwide Government Contractor: “With MyGovWatch we get immediate notice and comprehensive information on government bid opportunities. It is also a great tool for gathering historical bid information which can prove very valuable in preparing your bid response. Additionally, the standard questions asked are always helpful and save time for agencies and the client.”
  • Director of New Business and Product Development, Higher Education Government Contractor: "As someone solely focused on higher education, I love having access to only those contracts that have a higher education component. The ability to see what's coming out for bid next year enables me to target decision makers in advance, and other tools on the site let me predict even what my competition may charge for a contract I am bidding on. It's the best!"
  • Contracts Coordinator, Nationwide Government Contractor: "I've been waiting a long time for a resource such as MyGovWatch! We've used others similar to MyGovWatch in the past, but they just don't compare to the valuable information that MyGovWatch provides and the enormous amount of time this tool has saved us in the submission of bids."
  • Chief Technology Officer, Regional Government Contractor: “MyGovWatch gives [us] a competitive advantage with market knowledge and bidding insight that we could not come close to putting together by tapping a multitude of separate resources previously. Not only do we use it for pre-bid preparation, but we use it as much, if not more, for post-bid analysis. It has accelerated and streamlined our proposal sales process to the point where we can pinpoint only the bids we want to go after and no longer use the shotgun approach to bidding on everything. MyGovWatch has made the sea of RFPs much more manageable and easier for [us] to target bids that have the highest potential for success."
  • Director of Client Development, Nationwide Government Contractor: "MyGovWatch is a great tool to stay on top of all the public/government contracts coming out. I use MyGovWatch to access comparative contracts to see what the market has priced similar contracts at. I also like the narrative about what MyGovWatch believes vendors need to focus on in responding to the RFP. The Freedom of Information Act process MyGovWatch does … makes my job easier knowing that once the information is available, it will be in one repository for me to access and evaluate the winning proposals."
  • Vice President, Regional Government Contractor: "We've been using MyGovWatch for less than a year and are already seeing results. Even though our network of resources is significant when it comes to hearing about a contract up for bid, we still consider MyGovWatch as a key tool in our toolbox. We have found the additional information they provide helps us when preparing our responses to RFPs and when setting a competitive rate."
  • Sales & Marketing Administrator, Regional Government Contractor: “MyGovWatch saves us an unbelievable amount of time by gathering, sorting, and organizing all the information we need to keep track of government contracting opportunities. Email alerts for new opportunities or updates to RFPS or bids we are participating in keeps us informed without taking time away from our internal staff.”

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