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Thursday, October 18, 2018


B2G Frequently Asked Questions

Here's What Most People Want to Know

Aren't most government contracts awarded to the lowest bidder?

No.  There are low-bid contracts out there, but government purchasing actions related to outsourced business services typically consider price as only one of several award factors.

Do I have to have audited financials to bid on government contracts?

In some cases, yes, you will only be able to compete with audited financials, but not in all cases.  The larger the opportunity, the more likely this will be required.

Should I get nationally certified as a minority- or woman-owned business to compete more effectively?

We are unaware of any national certification that is universally accepted in all jurisdictions.  Most often, you need to have a local certification to receive any preference as a prime or subcontractor for a specific government contract.

Which contracts are the most lucrative?

None of our clients agree on which contracts are the most lucrative.  The best way to determine which contracts would be best for your company is to research different types of contracts on

Which contracts should I bid on if I don't have any government references?

Bid on the ones where they are hiring the low bidder or where the work is not very desirable.  You will win a few of these and then qualify for the larger, more lucrative ones. 

What is the best way to hear about government contracts?

The best way is to use our website,