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Thursday, October 18, 2018


The Truth About Brochures

Your Best Friend, or Your Worst Enemy?

The truth about brochures is that, for most business services companies, they can be your best friend, or your worst enemy.  Develop a short roster of pre-printed or print-on-demand materials that tease the reader into visiting your website or picking up the phone that look as good as you are, and they will be your best friend. However, develop too many or too few pieces that are not easily updated, do not present you in the right light, or simply do not make the cut visually, and they will be your worst enemy.

NGM does not provide printing services, and has no standing relationship with any printer(s).  This means, when we consult with you about your brochures, our incentive is to keep your printing bill down, not inflate it.  Here are some questions that should drive you to call us today if you cannot answer them immediately.

  • What is the ideal role of printed or print-on-demand brochures within your larger marketing universe?
  • What is the relationship between your brochures and your website, or what should it be?
  • How many brochures should you have, and why?
  • Who are all the people who should be satisfied that your brochures tell the right story?
  • What information should always be on every brochure?

We encourage you to call or contact us today to discuss your needs.