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Thursday, October 18, 2018


Press Release Campaigns

Call Us When Every Word Must Be Perfect

Press release campaigns are a great way for companies of all kinds to stay in front of clients and prospects.  Any company can buy an ad in a trade journal and tell the world how great it is, but, only a select few have the willingness to do what it takes to entice the media to tell the world how great their company is.  Press releases do this for companies with news to tell.

Here are some events that can easily be turned into press release campaigns that give your salespeople reasons to contact clients and prospects, or may create a reason for your next new client to call you.

  • To launch a new product line or service
  • To announce an enhancement of a product line or service
  • To announce the completion of a major corporate milestone
  • To tell the world you have achieved a specific designation or certification
  • To welcome a new key person to your staff
  • To announce the completion of a charitable endeavor

But press releases must be concise, and they must be newsworthy.  If they are not written in a manner that motivates editors to want their readers to see the story, they won't publish your release.

NGM has a strong record of writing press releases that get published.  We generally focus on attempting to have your release placed in industry-specific media, where your audience lives, rather than targeting generalized media in a specific part of the country.

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