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Thursday, October 18, 2018


Social Media Services

What You Should Do, and Why You Should Do It

Every company should have a social media strategy.  Whether you have a formal strategy or not, your key employees and salespeople are probably on both LinkedIn and Facebook, at a minimum.  Whatever they say or do on those forums reflects on your company and its brand.

First and foremost, you want a strategy that engages your key people to participate.  Second, you want to support your key people so they have assistance in their efforts to execute your strategy.  Third, you do not want to cross the point of diminishing returns and spend untold hours managing your online brand to no purpose.

What can the right social media strategy do for you?

  • Create a forum to show your expertise to decision makers in your markets, leading to new sales
  • Find referrals through people that your key people already know, leading to new sales
  • Build relationships with people that you may want to know better, leading to new sales

NGM has experience managing its own online brand and can help your company, too.

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