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Thursday, October 18, 2018



Here's What Most People Want to Know

Will you work on a fee-for-success basis through the SOLARIS program?

No. Our experience has shown that when we do this, it becomes impossible to offer this service profitably because our clients then bid on more things they probably can't win.

Will you accept a bonus if we are awarded a contract?

No.  While we appreciate these offers, we do not need any additional incentive to produce high-quality documents.  The next project you give us is our bonus.

What percentage of RFPs have your clients won that you have written?

We do not track this percentage. It's not relevant because clients are in control of what they bid on, and they can sometimes make less-than-perfect decisions in this regard.  A better indicator is return on investment overall.  As you can see in our press release dated June 8, 2010, "ARM Companies Realize 4,000% ROI by Outsourcing," for every $1,000 clients have spent with us since 2003, we have returned more than $40,000, an ROI of 4,000%.  Clients who choose the right projects to bid on can expect this kind of ROI.  Clients who do not choose the right projects to bid on will not see this ROI.

Do you use the same copy for all clients in a given industry?

No.  We find it much easier to manage client-specific repositories of information.

Do you work exclusively for clients on a given project?

No.  We price our services as low as possible.  In doing this, we must have the flexibility to meet any additional need another client may have, even for the same opportunity.  From a financial standpoint, we have the same incentive to perform well for each client, and each client can judge our work for themselves.  From a practical standpoint, we have enough people to assign different teams to each project, and these teams do not communicate and are not in the same location.  We sign strong non-disclosure agreements with all clients as an additional protection.  Finally, your story we help you tell to a buyer is unique, so it is irrelevant what someone else says in their offer, regardless of who is writing it.

Can I have a copy of the Word document?

Yes. You have rights to receive a plain-text copy of any and all work we do for you, once any given project is complete.  You have rights to reuse our work for your purposes later, with no restrictions.