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Thursday, October 18, 2018


The SOLARIS Program

4,000% ROI for Clients Since 2003!

Through the SOLARIS™ Proposal Development Program (SOLARIS), NGM develops high-quality, customized, visually appealing responses to requests for proposal (RFPs) that have resulted in a return on investment exceeding 4,000% for clients since 2003.

The SOLARIS program is based on a proprietary methodology created by Net Gain Marketing.  The method is an acronym based on the Latin word solaris, meaning of the sun, because our goal is to make sure your company is seen in the right light through bid responses.  The meaning of each part of the acronym is as follows.

  • Schedule the project.
  • Outline the draft.
  • Lay out existing assets.
  • Author new content.
  • Review the draft.
  • Improve the content. 
  • Submit the proposal.

What Are Some Program Features?

Features of the SOLARIS program include the following.

  • High-quality documents 100% tailored to the end audience
  • Expert consulting in the RFP process
  • Highly proactive project management
  • Structured schedule for every project
  • Graphically-rich templates that complement your preferred website/marketing materials
  • Use of photos and graphics to underscore key ideas
  • Same-day start on projects for long-term clients
  • Ability to handle multiple projects to the same high degree of quality

What Are Some Benefits of Using SOLARIS?

Benefits of the SOALRIS program include the following.

  • Greater likelihood of winning large contracts
  • Awesome work at a fraction of what your much larger competitors spend on this crucial business process
  • Increased efficiency as your key people perform other tasks instead of developing a mediocre RFP response