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Thursday, October 18, 2018


3 Types of Sites

Sites for All Size Organizations, All Budgets

With some things in life, you get what you pay for. In today’s web design environment, this is especially true. Never before has it been easier for anyone to buy an entry-level software package and call themselves a web designer, resulting in cheap websites that look that way, too. At the other end of the spectrum, there are very large web design companies in today’s market that cater to large corporations that run their businesses online. These companies often bill hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees per year to build and maintain websites. For most companies, what is needed is something in between: a great-looking website created by professionals who have built lots of sites, for a fair price. These are the kinds of sites NGM offers.

We offer you web development expertise dating back to the 1990s -– when NGM President Nick Bernardo was webmaster for a large, publicly-traded company.  Since 2003 when NGM was founded, we have designed three kinds of sites.

  • Beginner Sites: For start ups or firms that place a premium on simplicity and need an introductory, low-cost website, we offer sites to meet this need. These sites typically contain a minimum number of pages needed to tell your story, a “Contact Us” form, with a clean, professional, attractive design.
  • Intermediate Sites: For established companies that want a better website with a moderate amount of content, we deliver sites with up to a couple dozen pages and multiple contact forms, Flash animation, and special layouts.
  • Advanced Sites: For companies that seek an extensive online presence and have a forward-looking plan featuring ongoing updates and continuous development of the site, we can implement advanced sites with dozens of pages and advanced features, animation, and lots of other “bells and whistles” within a commercial content management system. 

Regardless of which kind of site you choose, the site will be visually attractive and functional and will tell your story in a strong, compelling way.  All web services delivered by NGM harmonize with your current and future online goals, and with your current and future budgetary constraints.